ESCO Model Investment

We invest in Rooftop Solar with the ESCO Model in the Vietnam market, helping local industries to be affordable clean energy transition, promoting green transition, low-carbon economic growth, adaptation - mitigation of climate change. Our target projects and clients are: manufacturing plants, shopping malls, commercial centers, store chains, supermarket chains, retail chains, office buildings, residential and trade buildings etc


ESCO Model Diagram

Contributing to the SDGs


In addition to the above ESCO model, we take advantage of financial initiatives and design clean energy solutions to help people, households, enterprises, and local industries have the opportunity to access and switch to clean energy at a cheap price, saving costs and creating more income for them

In summary: We have many investment cooperation methods including: Discounting electricity prices cheaper than EVN (PPA/ESCO/BOT) or Installing 10-year term with interest rate of 0 VND/ Rooftop Solar System Leasing (BLT) or contractor cooperation (BT), there are many flexible solutions to suit the diverse needs of customers. If you have a house/Factory and use electricity, there is a cooperative solution. The leased factory can still cooperate and must be confirmed by the factory owner's agreement


- For commercial and industrial scale, we cooperate nationwide

- For household scale, we cooperate in the southern region of Viet nam

- The Installing Rooftop Solar with installments is up to 10 years with an interest rate of 0 %, the monthly installment amount is smaller than the electricity you pay to EVN. Switching to solar power, you will save money every month, and at the same time own a solar power system

Conditions: We invest 100% of capital, you need to prove your finances by depositing a Fund or issuing a guarantee from a bank with an amount equal to 20% of the total installment amount. At the end of the installment period, we will refund the entire deposit / release the guarantee letter, and hand over the solar power system to you

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